The Bruce Jones Story

Bruce Jones began shaping in the mid-60s at Hobie Surfboards after having worked for Clark Foam gluing and planing stringers. His early influences and mentors include Ralph Parker, Terry Martin, Gordon "Gordie" Duane & Phil Edwards. 

In addition to Hobie, Bruce also worked for prominent California labels such as Gordie Surfboards, Dick Brewer, Plastic Fantastic, Russell and Vardeman (to name a few) before launching his own brand in Sunset Beach, CA in 1973.

Bruce's stylistic choices reflect the modern qualities and influences of his early training: simple curves and forms guided by function, performance & a refined sense of wave-riding.

His most notable designs include the Jackie Baxter Model made in the late 60s for Vardeman Surfboards,  his early and mid-70s single fin guns with hand-drawn logos by Jericho Poppler and his original design, the Modern Longboard, first conceived in the late 70s and refined into the 20th & 21st century for use by renowned surfers including the late Rell Sunn.

We thank you, for your support as we near 50 years of Bruce Jones Surfboards.

Bruce Jones Surfboards are handshaped by Brock Jones. Contact us for custom orders or general inquiries!